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Monday, 20 August 2012

Call for Papers for Philosophy Conference; 'The International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies December, 23-24, 2012, Tehran, Iran

Dear Friends,
Here again a call for paper presentation.
Pls go through it, and if feel ok, try for an abstract.
In the contemporary world and despite the differences, divergences, tensions, and conflicts, mankind is desperately seeking a sustainable and reliable source and way of peace, prosperity and happiness.
Philosophy of Religion is considered by its large community to be competent to make a bridge from the Abstraction to the Action and from the West to the East in order to solve or resolve the separation to the unification.
Since religion might be the most common and valuable element of human life, any dialogue, understanding and exchange of ideas based on such a foundation could result in very productive and fruitful outcomes and consequences.
Thus the Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion have decided to organize the First Contemporary Philosophy of Religion conference to be held in Tehran , Iran at The Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in order to establish the unique ground for dialogue and understanding among the very influential community of Philosophy of Religion from both West and East

Conference Themes
The two-day conference will explore the following issues:
·       Arguments for the existence of God in the East and West
·      Religious Experience
·      Religious Pluralism
·      God and Evil
·      Rationality and Religious Beliefs
·      Religious Dialogue between West and East
·      Intercultural Studies and Contemporary Philosophy of   Religion
·      Religion and Technology
Religion, Art and Contemporary World

Proposals of papers should consist of a title, a 150-250 word abstract, and the author's name and full contact information. 

Deadline: 1st October 2012. Early submissions are especially welcome.

for more information, pls go through the website:  http://philorconf.org/


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