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Saturday, 20 October 2012

A week-long Workshop on Human Development in Kolkatta for PG holders

Institute of Development Studies Kolkata is organising a week-long workshop on Human
Development from December 3-7, 2012 at the Salt Lake Campus of the Institute for teachers in
colleges, universities and research institutes in eastern India, and others interested in
development issues, having at least a Master’s degree in any discipline from a recognized
university, working in government and non-government organizations including the media.

Course objective:
The participants in the course are expected to develop adequate analytical capability to deal
with development policy issues from the human development perspective, which is crossdisciplinary.
References will be drawn from important studies of both theoretical and applied
kind in order to provide an in-depth understanding of the issues, highlighting their contested
Course outline:
1. Conceptual foundations: Concepts of human capabilities and functionings – centrality of
freedom. Normative concerns and positive-analytic aspects of resource allocation. Human
capital and human capability. Human rights and human development.
2. Human development and national economic prosperity: Interconnections between the
two. Importance of economic growth in enhancing human capabilities – financing human
development. Quality of growth and its distribution. Human development in history.
3. Issues in measurement: Indicators of human development – aggregation issues. Evolution
of the Human Development Index (HDI) and the debates surrounding it. Beyond HDI –
Multidimensional Poverty and adjusting HDI for inequality.
4. Population dynamics and health: Age structure, sex ratio, fertility, mortality and
morbidity – social determinants. Efficiency and equity of resource allocation in health
5. Participation and empowerment: Role of civil and political activism in bringing about
changes in public policy. Women’s agency and social change. Panchayati Raj institutions
and participation. Role of media.
6. Regional perspectives on human development in India: National economic prosperity and
record of human development in India. How to learn from experiences of different states.
Overview of State Human Development Reports. From report to action – strategies for
human development.

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